Key Priorities


Click here for an outline of my approach to addressing poverty issues.

New Parks in Ward 2
Parks are the lungs of our City, and a public focal point for our neighbourhoods. For too long, new parks in neighbourhoods like Beasley, Central and Stinson have not happened. Some parks need to work better for the residents and workers in Ward 2. I commit to ensuring a city budget that builds new and better parks in Ward 2, and to continue to work towards making sure our existing parks are free of contaminants leftover from former industrial uses.

Housing Downtown
There are too many vacant sites in downtown Hamilton, and over 110 vacant buildings in Hamilton overall. These are areas where we can add new housing, bringing more residents to support our downtown businesses. I will work with property owners to have neighbourhood based housing built. Mixed use developments which include housing is key to building integrated communities.

Waterfront Redevelopment that respects the North End Community
We must have development on Pier 8 and in Barton Tiffany that respects the North End Neighbourhood. I support Setting Sail and will work to build the Setting Sail plan.

Child and Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods
Downtown neighbourhoods are great places to raise a family. Our neighbourhoods and their streets must be safe for children and families. We must work together to ensure access to our communities that respects the people who live in our communities.

Eliminate toxic waste sites
I will continue my work to eliminate toxic waste sites and hold those accountable for their irresponsible behaviour. I will also work to make information on vacant properties available to the public. Citizens have a right to know what is in their neighbourhoods, especially when public safety and public health is impacted.

James North GO Station
I support both GO service and VIA service to the James Street North Station


Clean Money Clean Election
I will not take corporate or union donations for my election campaign

Open Book Campaign Finance
My campaign books will be open for Ward 2 voters to see, and will be subjected to a complete audit by a third party.

Open Schedule
As your candidate and your councillor, my schedule will soon be available online so you can see how I am working for you

Lobbyist and Gift Ban
I will not accept gifts nor will I meet with lobbyists

Transparent Decisions
My commitment is to talk with you about the actions for a stronger Ward 2. I also commit to making sure you are aware of the decisions that make Ward 2 the best ward to live and work in. Our office will also make use of web and social media to inform voters regularly of issues effecting the Ward and the City as a whole. I will welcome direct and open feedback from residents in order to inform me in my decision-making process.


Fair taxation for downtown businesses and properties
Fair taxes for downtown businesses is critical to their success. I will fight for fair tax policies in the City budget and with the provincial assessment corporation so downtown businesses can continue to thrive.

Key Developments – Connaught, Barton-Tiffany, Waterfront
There are key developments in downtown Hamilton that must happen. We cannot afford another 20 year Lister Block. I will fight to give the Royal Connaught a heritage designation and bring this important downtown landmark back to life. I will also support redevelopment with our leading edge waterfront and downtown plans.

A Strong Arts Business Community
I will work with local arts groups to bridge the divide between artists, arts organizations, arts entrepreneurs and City Hall. We need to find common ground, and to recognize the significant economic impact the arts have on our City. I will bring together key members of the arts community for regular consultation on how we can further facilitate a strong arts community in our downtown. As someone with a professional arts background myself, I understand these relationships well, and recognize that the arts will play a significant role in Hamilton's economic development.

Downtown Business Advisory Council
I believe very strongly that small business is the life blood of downtown. Our downtown businesses are entitled to a Councillor who is in their corner and accessible to them. I will establish my Downtown Business Advisory Council to meet regularly with me on taxation, city services, city capital budget, and downtown business issues.

Sustained funding for business community organizations Downtown business organizations are entitled to stronger and sustained funding. I support permanent funding for the BIA Association (HABIA) as well as for downtown business community organizations. I will also work with my own Business Advisory Council and the BIAs to find common ground.

Creating an environment where downtown businesses can flourish
I will not shy away from downtown’s most complex problems- graffiti, abandoned buildings, crime, and addressing Hamilton’s homelessness crisis. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, I truly believe these are key elements, which would help to go a long way in attracting and keeping businesses. I will work towards a more sensible approach to housing social services- these are much-needed services, but downtown should not be the only part of town that shoulders this burden. All of Hamilton needs to work together on this issue.

I fully support efforts to lobby senior levels of government to put in place key federal and provincial funding to establish a world-class LRT system in Hamilton. I believe this is one major component to linking Hamilton’s many communities, and expanding our existing transit system. There are gaps in the current HSR system- I firmly believe we need more north-south connectivity between Main Street and the North End. As someone who relies on transit and walking as primary modes of transit, I take these issues seriously.


Ward 2 Community Council
As your candidate and your Councillor, I work for you. I will be your Councillor in our community. Together we will establish the Ward 2 Community Council to advise me on neighbourhood and community issues.

Ward 2 Political Team - School Board Trustees and Matt Jelly working together
One thing I do know is that we succeed when we work together. As your councillor, I will work closely with our School Board trustees through regular open meetings to develop a strong mutually supportive Ward 2 political and school board team

Participatory Government through Neighbourhood Meetings and inclusive civic engagement
I will hold regular meetings with you and your neighbourhood associations. This will be your meeting and I will be there to listen, learn, and work with you to advocate on your issues.

City Budget meetings
The City of Hamilton spends over half a billion dollars each year on city services and projects. Ward 2 must get its fair share and our priority projects funded. I will meet with you on city budget issues to develop our needs; I will meet with you during and after the budget process to talk about what we achieved and what we must continue to advocate for.

Open City Government and Active Citizen Engagement
I will be accessible to you. You will not have to come to City Hall to meet with me. I will establish a constituency office in the Ward so you can drop in and meet with me. Your access to me is a commitment I make. I will also make use of new technology to make my office accessible to residents 24/7.

A New City Website
More and more, the function of the City's website is to serve as the living document of the City- for residents, staff, businesses and councillors alike. It is the main platform for information sharing between all of these interested parties. We need to move quickly to develop a new more functional website, to catch up to municipalities across Canada who recognize how important a functional, user-friendly website is in terms of the day-to-day operations of the City. We need to move into the 21st Century in this regard- City council and committee meetings should be streaming live as they happen, and available retroactively for engaged citizens who wish to understand the process. Cities only work in collaboration with citizens and the community- in the way we communicate, we need to remove as many barriers as possible to information sharing, engagement and outreach between the public and City Hall.