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Screens-CrestsMatt is a graphic designer, artist and craftsperson located in Hamilton, Ontario.  As a life-long Hamiltonian who is very active in the local community, Matt’s work is very Hamilton-focused.  Matt produces both digital and hand-screen-printed works, and offers them for sale at various locations.

Wherever possible, all materials used are made in Canada and purchased locally.  Matt’s inks and paper are purchased at Mixed Media (154 James St. North), he purchases fabrics and sews his own pillows at Needlework (174 James North), and any digital prints used for the neighbourhood maps is done at Copy Dog on King William Street.

The T-shirts Matt uses for his hand-screened designs are 100% Canadian Made, by a Toronto-based company (Jerico).

Please take a look around, and come back often, as we will be updating the website regularly with more images of Matt’s work, which will soon be available for purchase online.



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